Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 5 Videogames Through August 2011

Whoohoo look at me back on videgames4gamerz. Feels good to be back writing for this site. So nostalgic. I thought it would be cool to make a special Top 5 videogames i played so far this year list for the site. That name was long huh? Some rules for this list. I will only have games that i have played and beaten below. So sorry no Witcher 2 below. This list honestly really doesn't mean much when you consider whats ahead for the rest of the year. Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases tomorrow and i will be all over that game.

5.) Crysis 2: Crytek wasn't going to make the PC fanboys happy no matter what with they're latest. Coming from a guy who beaten Crysis and Warhead i can say Crysis 2 is a great game in its own right. Its not as groundbreaking as far as tech goes but i really did enjoy the single player campaign in Crysis 2 alote. The multiplayer was serviceable as well.

4.) Infamous 2: Sucker Punch did a great job on bridging the story from Infamous into its sequel. The graphics, combat system got a overhall as well the missions. Infamous 2 featured less repetitious missions and the karma system and co-op combat gameplay with Nix and Kuo was awesome. The UGC was a nice touch which added to Infamous 2's replayability. New Marais was alive and it was just plain fun to cause destruction in the city as Cole Mcgrath.

3.) Dead Space 2: This game somehow managed to intertwine horror with action seamlessly. Some peaople say Dead Space was a better game i disagree. Besides the story i think Dead Space 2 is an all around better game. The Sprawl was a better setting plus the competitive online multiplayer was a blast. Isaac Clarke took me on one hell of a ride in Dead Space 2. I cannot wait for Dead Space 3.

2.) Portal 2: May not have been as genre defining as its predecesor that came packaged in The Orange Box. The inclusion of various substances and objects kept the game fresh enough. What made Portal 2 great was the last fifteen minutes of the game. The ending Boss fight, cutscene ending (mindblowing) and ofcourse the ending theme song. Portal 2 is a game i can never forget.

1.) LA Noire: Team Bondi managed to do something no videogame has ever done. Make me feel like a detective. This crime drama imo is the best game i played so far this year for a few reasons. The presentation and immersion was incredible. Reading faces, searching crime scenes and driving around a beautifully recreated 1940's Los Angeles was gaming bliss. The story, gameplay, characters and sound design were spot on. If i had to pick a GOTY right now its LA Noire.

Honorable Mentions - Killzone 3 and Little Big Planet 2. Both of the latter are great games in theyre own rights. I only wanted to pick five games for this list however so i left them out.


  1. Haven't played any of those. SAdness, there's just too many games and not enough time. Alot of it as to do with my play style. I like to take my time with games, explore everything, go everywhere. I'm not a guy who plays a game right to the end and moves on to the next. I like to feel that I did all that I could.

  2. That is what i'm doing with Deus Ex: HR right now. Everybody i know already beat the game yesterday. I am half way done taking my time living and loving every minute of it. I play some games fast just for my site (to write a review). I do want to go back and try and get as many trophies/ achievements as i can from everygame i played this year if possible. Thanks for the comment Blake good to see ya back!