Saturday, November 5, 2011

Repulse - Debut Trailer (PC)

Jet-packs, chainsaws, first-person shooter massively online multiplayer videogame. You can also call it it a MMOFPS if you like. Repulse takes place in a sci-fi world where monsters with huge blades on their arms make a habit of attacking space marines. Developed and published by Aeria Games & Entertainment exclusively for the PC. Its too early to get any real details on this game but in the months to come i'm sure some tidbits here and there will be released.

Repulse as of now doesn't have a real firm release date unless you consider TBA firm. As for the trailer below, its almost always impossible to judge a game with a CGI only showing. Judging from the chainsaws, jetpacks and fps aspects it could most likely be like Tribes/Halo/40,000 Space Marines/Gears of War type MMOFPS game. Thanks Gamespot.


  1. That looked awesome!! So many games we never hear anything about.

  2. I honestly have no idea how good or bad Repulse will be. So little info on it besides the shiny CGI trailer.