Monday, January 23, 2012

Swords & Soldiers - Demo Impressions

Swords & Soldiers is a pretty little neat strategy game. Its a 2D real-time strategy game featuring cartoonish Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese warriors. From my understanding Swords & Soldiers been out on the Playstation 3 (the system i played the demo on) since Sept 28, 2010. However the demo released just a few weeks ago. The latter had me confused for a minute but i'm good now. Ronimo Games are the developers and publishers to this 2D strategy game. You can play Sword & Soldiers on your I phone, MAC, Wii, PC and Playstation 3 right now.

The main menus screen showed Single Player, Multiplayer, Options and Credits. When you select Single Player the menus break down into Campaign, Skirmish, Challenges and Trophies. One of the trophies was called Rickrolled, Had to point that out. You can select which Character class you want between, Viking, Aztec and Chinese.I choose Viking for my playthrough of the demo. As far as learning the nuances of Swords & Soldiers the text based tutorial does a good job. I learned all the basics. For instance which units did what like Golddiggers mine for gold so you can build up your army.
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The atmosphere is that of a comical one. The voiced dialog is funny along with the visual art design and animations. Swords & Soldiers isn't a serious game even though its a strategy game. You can add different units to do battle against enemy forces before and during each level. There was always a small humorous story that leads up to battle. The first battle had to do with a barbecue party. The level  was called Beef with Neighbors "Defend the Holy Grill". Gameplay is layered in this strategy game. It is a 2D game which is odd for a strategy game. However Swords & Soldiers pulls it off.

You can use mana for magic attacks and health magic on your troops while engaged in combat. The demo has a world map that shows various battle grounds that are levels. You can move and choose which level you want if its unlocked. The demo is over 20 minutes. Blackbeard was one of the bosses i defeated in the demo. If you beat the campaign you can unlock Challenge Mode. The visuals are pretty good in this game. The art design and texture work displayed a wintery fun wonderland. The music was pretty good throughout the demo as well the voice acting. Just a fun little 2D strategy game all around.

Swords & Soldiers took me by surprise by its fun gameplay and stellar presentation. I understand its just a demo but what i experiences was really good. Thanks from reading.

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