Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Xbox Live: Indie Trial Game - Trailer Park King

King is the main protagonist and Joe Dirt lookalike. Presentation wise  this game doesn't take itself serious which is smart. Act 1 - Welcome to the Trailer Park is where you first see King shooting a squirrel with his  shotgun.

The story is told through comicbook  cutscenes with voice dialog. There is a curser on screen that you can use to interract with objects. The trailer park itself has an assortment of trailers. There is King's trailer, a girl's trailer next door, hospital, shop, diner and bar. There is also a arcade way at the top of the trailer. The map outside shows a bobblehead version of King that you can control. Back to King and his date with Zamboni. I go to the shop to buy some flowers than meet Zamboni.

While on a date and taking a restroom break King runs into Truck and Skinny. Truck is Zamboni's brother and wants to beat up King in the restroom. King fights Truck but loses badly. He gets kicked out of the T-Diner and goes home only to see Truck dead in his trailer. You guessed it, Trailer Park King is a mystery game who would of guessed it! The trial versions of these indie game's don't last long but i was able to play alittle longer.

King called the police but they wouldn't come unless King bought the police woman some pizza and beer. So i went to the diner and bought the food came back the game ended abruptly. There is a suspect menu for Trailer Park King that is used to cross off suspects King thinks is innocent. There isn't much pointing and clicking. Sometimes you point and click to make decisions, buy things or use the phone. The game points you where to click pretty much. The artsyle and visuals were decent. The music was good as well. Trailer Park king isn't thought provoking or challenging. You're just along for a fun ride which it executes. Thanks for reading.

Overall i had fun with this little indie game. It has a quirky charm. The visuals match its eclectic presentation. Give Trailer Park King a try guys and gals you might like it.

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